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The Desperation Was Shocking

Starvation in Uganda is a pressing matter during this crisis, threatening to deplete people of hope and negate their quality of life - but you are helping to eliminate that and help say no to hunger. In the midst of these heartbreaking realities, our team has been able to experience life changing encounters while delivering food to families in Uganda.

These people are hungry for a chance. They are hungry for hope. They are hungry for a better tomorrow. We have found that while full bellies are essential for surviving, full spirits are also essential for living.

As a result of your quick and eager response to give, our team has delivered life saving food to over 200 families. Your giving brought love to those who were desperate with hunger and uncertain of what they would eat tomorrow.

How incredible is that...

WE get to be a part of how God is helping in Uganda.


Mama Pia is a struggling mother to seven children. She lives in a mud house and typically makes crafts to earn money for food. With the lockdown in place, she hasn't been able to sell anything. Because of this, she hasn't had any money for food. With little or nothing to eat for the entire day, she did not know what she was going to feed her children. When Mama Pia saw our team coming up the hill, she was filled with excitement! With a broken voice and tears running down her face, she began singing songs in another language. She could not stop saying, "Thank you God for sending Show Mercy!"


The mother to Zaitun, one of the children in our program, tearfully received us as angels sent to redeem her that evening because she had nothing to feed her children other than water she had collected at the local watering hole. Jackfruit is a common favorite among Ugandans; they eat the fruit and throw away the seed (about the size of a Brazil nut). During this time, she had her children searching the dirt roads for the seeds. They've been boiling the seeds and eating them to survive.

With tears of joy, she expressed her gratitude to God who has always taken care of her and her children.


Widowed grandmothers left to care for their orphaned grandchildren have been struggling even more since the lockdown. Since they don't have any food, they search for yam stems in the village to eat. These are usually eaten during the famine season and typically have to be boiled for an entire day in order to soften. Now, instead of eating yam steams, you've provided many meals to help them get through this trying time. You've brought countless smiles to the widows! THANK YOU!


This pandemic has touched all of us. We understand times are trying not only for those in Uganda, but for YOU as well. INSTEAD of holding back, you've shared what you have with others.

You've reminded many in Uganda that God loves them.

You ARE saving lives.

For now, some of our beloved Ugandan families are physically and spiritually full.

There are still many families in the villages in need of food, and our team will continue to bring it to them as long as we have the resources to do so.

If you haven't done so,

please consider giving to help save more lives?


Show Mercy International PO Box 1003 Port Gibson, MS 39150 601.535.2790


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