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We've come to realize there is power when we as people say, YES!

Yes to fear or yes to faith?

This week has been a week of saying YES to Jesus. Yes to faith. Yes to stepping past what "feels comfortable" - not just within the community, but within our staff and the short-term team from Pinelake Church!

God has been on the move. Actually... he is always on the move, it's more likely that our eyes witnessed his goodness AGAIN this particular week.

Over 60 people gave their

lives to Jesus this week.

Many on the Show Mercy staff and team from Pinelake used their YES this week to step out and share about their faith. They expressed HIS goodness with family after family. Hearts were moved, and many people said YES this week!!!

A man named Robert, who we've hired to be one of the drivers for teams, was muslim. We've been sharing the Love of Jesus with him for many months, AND THIS WEEK WAS HIS WEEK. He knew he needed to get to know the Savior after seeing the LOVE and FAITH he'd experienced for months. He said YES TO JESUS. Not only that, but he was baptized as well. AMAZING!!!

As I am typing this up, we just heard that an entire muslim family gave their hearts to the Lord. It was a simple home visit after a team member decided to sponsor one of the children in the family. WOWZER!!!

Love Never Fails!

Here is an overview of this past week via pics. Enjoy!!

"I can see the words in my Bible again!"

Dr. Farrah gave free eye checkups to the people in the village which included free reading glasses. They were overjoyed being able to read their Bible's again.

Can you imagine living life in a blurry world? It was a fun exhilarating outreach.


Luke, one of the team members from Pinelake, along with SMI Driver, Richard, were baptized. It was an emotional and memorable moment.


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