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They sold their toys to buy a bed...


Every day, we each have an opportunity to leave our mark on this earth. If you are getting this email, we already know you are an amazing "Mark Maker".


(a mark maker is someone who lives their life intentionally to help others and influence the world around them)

Sometimes though, we need to be reminded to be intentional. So...what "mark" have you left lately?

It's a question we are asking ourselves, especially after being inspired by some young children.


Mani (age 12) served with Show Mercy this past summer. She is pictured with her uncle Nelson and two children in our sponsorship program. These children will be recipients of a new bed this Christmas because of Mani and her family.

Mani....she is a "Mark Maker". She's only 12 years old, but is already living her life intentionally.

Mani and her mom joined us in Uganda last summer on a short term trip. Her life was impacted.

Here is what her mom said, "Since Mani and I have returned from Uganda, all we can think about is how blessed we are.  She has been sharing with her younger brothers and sisters how we can go without so others can be blessed.  Our trip truly changed our lives. This Mom is so proud and has tears knowing that they understand the meaning of GIVING."

Mani along with her brothers and sisters gathered some of their toys to sell. Their goal? $100 to buy a new bed for a child who didn't have one.


Mani with her brothers and sisters.

Thank you Mani and family for living on purpose! Thank you for purchasing a bed for Samuel and Solomon.

There is still time to make your "mark" of love in Uganda! Your Christmas gift will bring joy and appreciation to so many this year.




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