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This made Jajja Stephania's day!

"Thank you for making me happy" - Jajja Stephania

The heart of our H.E.R.O. Program is simple… we want the elderly around us to know they are not alone, not forgotten, and most of all, loved!

We recently had the pleasure of spending time with Jajja Stephania. She is an 82-year-old widow who cares for many grandchildren.

Her life isn't easy. She could have easily complained and shared all her sorrows, but instead, she welcomed us with open arms and shared her beautiful smile with us.

We thought this video was too sweet not to share...

(as they sing Jesus loves me ...the Ugandan version)

We love these memorable moments.

Today, we are reminded that WE GET TO DO THIS, and what an honor it is!

We get to be intentional with our time and our choices.

So with that in mind, make today a great day.

And know... We appreciate YOU! + Jesus loves you TOO!


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