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April was AMAZING!

We had a wonderful month and we hope you did too! In April, we were able to reach out to so many families in the community. We hosted FOUR visitors who shared the love of Jesus in schools, families’ homes, at the farm and on the Field of Dreams base! We gathered for times of fellowship, including five special gatherings on Easter! Our team also welcomed all of the students home for their three-week break from school.

Thank you SO much for fueling the work that our dream team does every single day. As we grow and God furthers our reach into the community, we can’t help but rejoice because this is all possible because of YOU! Your generosity makes an impact far beyond what you can imagine.

Here's a look at some of our April highlights...

We believe that the women in Uganda will change the world. First, we must ENCOURAGE, DISCIPLE and EMPOWER them to be the women that God created them to be.

As the young girls grow around us, they will know that they are supported and surrounded by so much love! Instead of doubting their purpose, they will learn the truth and will impact those around them.

This month, we hosted a women's gathering, Farming God's Way training and a baking mentorship for youth. To read all about it and see the fun pictures, visit the blog post here.

We had another outstanding month bringing CLEAN WATER to the surrounding villages!

So many special donors made it possible for us to expand our search and survey new areas for clean water wells! The team even had the opportunity to witness the drilling of a borehole!

Community members gathered for the commissioning of multiple wells - one of which was in the village of Bakka Kimogo. At every well opening, the team gathers to celebrate and pray over the lives that will be impacted by it.

We know this is only the beginning and we are so thrilled to see where God will lead us next. Thank you for extending a hand and generously providing life giving and life saving WATER!


Last month, the Pinelake team reached out to a woman named Agnes. She lives on a small plot of land with her seven children. As you can imagine, she is a strong woman who works incredibly hard!

Recently, we spent time at her home. We enjoyed conversation with Agnes and colored with the children. The family was gifted new jerrycans and clothing. Their joy and gratefulness was so evident!

We truly believe that every outreach is appointed by God… He KNOWS when and where our team needs to be!

As our team walked to Agnes’ home on that day, they came a cross a gentleman named Yona. Yona asked that the team visit his home to pray over his sick wife. Without hesitation, they made the visit and prayed for total healing over her body! While they were there, they learned about the family's needs.

Later, the team visited Yona and Prossy to bless them with a dish rack. They constructed an outdoor rack for their dishes and gifted them new jerrycans and clothing for the children.

We are so grateful God led us to their home and built this new relationship!


Bentley Maximus is the newest addition to Show Mercy... our new guard dog! So many of you sent in name suggestions to help us pick out his name. Thank you!

Many babies were born at the birthing center in April! Recently, baby Muwanguzi was born. His mother, Resty, was so grateful to have the support of the Show Mercy midwives during her labor and delivery!

We had such wonderful visitors in the month of April!

We are so grateful for the time and energy Clarize, Sheri, Sue, and Riley gave to serve alongside our team. They blessed the community and staff!

You helped us celebrate Easter at five locations AND reach out to the community! It was an incredible time!

Incase you missed the update, you can see pictures and read about it here!

Students returned home from school for a three-week holiday! During this time, they are able to connect with their families and serve their communities.

Please pray for them as they return to school for the second term of the school year!


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