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SMI'S new goat program is empowering moms like Amina.

Did you know that SMI has a new goat program? We published a story in our 2023 newsletter about Amina and how this program has helped her and her family. If you missed it, keep reading...

"Every night, Amina would lie awake hungry and in tears, worrying about how she would feed her five precious children. Amina felt she was living a nightmare. Being left alone to raise her kids, fear was a constant companion. It’s one thing to press through hunger pains yourself, but when your little ones are hungry and battling sickness, it’s heart wrenching.

Things drastically changed for Amina and her family when SMI came into her life. Her children started attending our Lunch Program and soon after were enrolled in our Scholarship Program. The weight of caring for these children alone had slowly lifted off Amina.

Amina was recently selected to participate in our goat program. She’s now multiplied her goats and is thrilled to have a source of income. A simple goat has empowered Amina to care for her family.

Goats are known for providing milk and meat. Their milk is more easily digestible, and one animal can produce up to four gallons a day. Their offspring can also be sold which means impoverished families have the ability to meet their most pressing needs. One goat can break the cycle of poverty and empower vulnerable families to start self-sustainable businesses that will significantly change their lives."

Together, we can continue to help families just like Amina's!


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