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2024 Medical Outreach - The Impact

We met this strong mother at the medical outreach. This 28-year-old woman is indeed an inspiration. Her love for her children has kept her going through the stormy and disheartening times in her life. When she showed up to our clinic, she was exhausted, overwhelmed and appeared to be defeated. As she poured out her heart, we discovered why. She’s a mother to 4 precious children. Unfortunately, her husband is very seldom in their lives, so taking care of her family falls solely on her.

It is customary in Uganda to send your children to boarding schools if you value their education, and this can be expensive. She is always on the lookout for odd jobs, so she can send her daughter to a good school. For some time now, she has been making a living by hand-washing people’s clothes. Bending over is necessary to wash clothes in a plastic tub, and fetching water from a well by hand is a strenuous undertaking. This has caused her to experience excruciating back pain. The eldest daughter, who is holding the mother's neck in the picture, struggles with a chronic illness and is chronically absent from class.

All of these situations broke this mother’s heart. They were just too much to come to terms with. When she found out that YOU had made it possible for her and her children to receive free medical treatment, she was overjoyed. She didn’t know if God was real or concerned for her. But that changed today. Our prayers, assistance with medical treatment, and sending them off with love and hope made the family feel cherished and seen.

Many are experiencing physical healings and spiritual breakthroughs as they come to trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


Envision a little three-year-old girl battling for her life against a terrifying combination of acute malnutrition, anemia, pneumonia, and malaria. Despite their best efforts, her parents are unable to provide her basic nutritional needs or cover her medical expenses. As parents observe their daughters grapple, they are overcome with grief. Guilt because of the inability to provide food or help is an ever-present unwelcome guest.

But suddenly, a small glimmer of hope arises as she hears an announcement echoing through the valley about a free clinic. Courage rises up, and she knows what she has to do. The mother, along with her daughter, walks 40 minutes, where they spend some of their last remaining money on a taxi, headed to the Show Mercy medical outreach.

Once they arrived at our clinic, our team was devastated to see how sick the little girl was. However, thanks to your generous donations towards the medical outreach, our team was able to take immediate action and provide the treatment she so desperately needed for free. Because of your kindness and support, this little girls life was saved, and she is now on the road to recovery. We cannot thank you enough for your generosity and compassion towards those in need.


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