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Justine's New Leg

Because of our AMAZING SPONSORS and SUPPORTERS, Justine has received another new prosthetic leg! (Click here to read the history of Justine's leg!)

Here is the brief update from the field:

Justine outgrew her last leg, which she received in 2016. Not only that, but the rugged conditions in the village also wore the leg out! Show Mercy helped her travel to Katelema Hospital for her fitting and sizing to be done. She had to return again at a latter time for a 5 day stay, where she was trained on how to use the leg.

We only had the funds to cover the cost of a leg estimated to last for 2 years. (they use different material for each leg and the cost is different for each one) However, the hospital stepped in and gave her the nicest quality leg for the same price – and it should last her many more years. She was very excited! This leg will allow her to continue to get around easily, to walk around her school, etc. 

This is the power of sponsorship! Thank you for loving Show Mercy and for loving the people we serve in Uganda!


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