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11 Years of Saving Lives

Over the past 11 years, we've been providing healthcare in the rural villages which surround our facility. We have a maternity center, an ultrasound machine, a medical outreach vehicle for medical emergencies and a brand new hospital to replace our day clinic!!

This new hospital will allow us to care for patients overnight, including malnourished newborns and children. Our wonderful team of doctors and nurses will continue to convey Jesus' love both medically and spiritually.

The buildings and vehicle have been such a gift to the community.

Today is also a huge celebration of the lives that have been saved because of the medical care that's been provided.

Every monthly gift allows us to continue serving and ministering to our community's most disadvantaged people. We wish we could tell you how many lives you've saved with each dollar you've donated. It's been THOUSANDS, we are sure.

The SMI hospital complex, nestled in the heart of a muslim village, is saving lives and showing Jesus Christ's love. We are impacting physical bodies while also sharing the gospel of Jesus with every patient and person who walks through the doors.

As newborns took their first breath, we prayed and declared God's promises over them. We've encouraged mothers who were laboring and fatigued. Revived elderly patients who thought their bodies would no longer work. AND we've given families their first glimpse of their babies in the womb.

Thank YOU for being a part of this ministry. We couldn't do it without you!

Also, THANK YOU to Elijah Streams for providing the funds for this new hospital and medical vehicle!

Together, we can continue to impact the lives of children, women and men in Uganda through medical care. Would you partner with us?


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