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When we first opened the birthing center, we were so expectant for how God would use it to rewrite stories. Over the past three years, we’ve seen lives truly transformed!

Florence was the FIRST mother to labor and deliver at the birthing center. On October 6th of 2019, Moses was born!

Florence told our team that she is forever thankful for the care and prayer she received as the team helped her bring Moses into the world. Her experience was full of love, support and encouragement.

Today, Moses is a HEALTHY three-year-old boy! He is full of joy and hope because of the medical care that his family continues to receive through the SMI clinic.

Florence doesn’t have to fear for her family’s health or their lives. Through Show Mercy, they will continue to learn about Jesus and receive quality medical care.

All of this is possible because of YOU.

THANK YOU for rewriting stories!

Through training, education and sound medical care, the statistics of births in Uganda are already changing from despair and death to hope and healthy babies.

Not only that, but each family has the opportunity to hear about the love of Jesus. We pray and speak words of love and hope over each new life.

What a privilege it is to welcome these littles ones into our world. Thank you to everyone that has donated and been a part of this!


You can be a part of our LIFE CHANGING

medical expansion.

In the three years since the birthing center opened, we've made some pretty exciting changes. This summer, we broke ground on a HUGE project and expanded our medical program in a LIFE CHANGING way!

We now have our very own:

  • ultrasound machine

  • medical outreach vehicle (which serves also as an emergency transport vehicle for patients)

BUT THERE IS MORE!! A generous donor is making the way for a NEW HOSPITAL FACILITY! It's being built right now.

With so many exciting changes happening, we are praying and believing for monthly partners to help further this life-changing work. We plan to reach even more expecting mothers in the years to come.

Right now, we have many mothers who are due in the next couple of months. If you would like to be a monthly sponsor of our center, we would LOVE to send you occasional updates and photos of these moms and their newborns.


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