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Babies Babies Babies

One of the most beautiful miracles of life - a baby. You've helped 23 babies come into this world by making the Show Mercy Birthing Center a reality.

You are helping to rewrite the stories of the mothers and the babies to be of Uganda. The mothers who were once afraid and insecure about giving birth in their mud hut homes and far off government hospitals are now excited and full hope. They know our team is there for them to walk out this journey month by month. They know they have a place to give birth to their babies that is clean and full of love.

They feel so honored and valued to have such a remarkable facility in the midst of their village.

Through training, education and sound medical care, the statistics of births in Uganda will be changed from despair and death to hope and healthy babies.

Not only that, but each family has the opportunity to hear about the love of Jesus. We pray and speak words of love and hope over each new life.

What a privilege it is to welcome these littles ones into our world.


We have many mothers who are due in the next couple of months. If you would like to be a monthly sponsor of our center, we would LOVE to send you occasional updates and photos of these moms and their newborns. One time gifts are appreciate too.

Show Mercy International PO Box 1003 Port Gibson, MS 39150 601.535.2790


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