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Days Without Treatment Threatening a Little Life

Sarah being carried by her mama.

Eight years ago, Lori (the co-founder of SMI) came down with malaria. By the time they realized it, she almost died. God miraculously saved her life. This inspired the Salley's to share with others the importance of a medical facility.

That led to the Medical Clinic at Show Mercy's base being born. We knew that many people face the reality of life and death far too often, and many times it is preventable.

Now, seven years after opening the clinic, we are again reminded of the WHY behind it.

Sarah receiving IV treatment.

Sarah, a little girl, was brought to the medical outreach on day one.

She had life threatening bacterial infection.

She had gone days WITHOUT treatment because her single mom is responsible for an entire family, and did not have enough money to take her to the hospital.

When Sarah's mama heard about the Show Mercy medical outreach, she knew this was her chance to have her little girl treated! This mama carried her dying daughter to the outreach.

Sarah was treated that day, and came back the next day with NO FEVER!

After two days, she was smiling! She is receiving further treatment at the Show Mercy Clinic.

THANK YOU to all who made this outreach possible! You saved Sarah's life, as well as many others.


As we look FORWARD, we are expectant for the Birthing Clinic to open. Many little lives will be BORN and many mamas encouraged and EMPOWERED.


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