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March Medical Outreach

The local medical outreaches are making a HUGE impact! How? Well... by meeting people at their homes and sharing the LOVE OF JESUS with them through our actions and our prayers, LIVES ARE BEING CHANGED. The power of taking the time to go and serve them, opens their hearts to hear more about Jesus. There is a strong presence of other faiths in the area and we know one of the keys to helping people accept Jesus is through love - because love never fails

This past month, the team went out into the villages surrounding the Show Mercy base, Field of Dreams, in hopes of bringing medical care to more who need it! Every week, we serve in areas where quality medical care is not available.

Not only did we see hundreds of patients, we saw individuals who were DESPERATE for medication and treatment to fight pain, malaria, and so much more.

Patients received education on basic health topics, encouragement, and prayer. They left feeling heard, surrounded with love, and ready to face their medical challenges with the support of Show Mercy!

This was all possible because of YOUR support! THANK YOU!


One morning, the team was reunited with a sweet lady named Juliet. Juliet had previously received care through Show Mercy during an antenatal outreach, only this time, she came to the outreach with her 3-week old baby already born!

Juliet shared that her delivery was surprisingly very quick. She had a village health team alongside her who expressed their gratitude for the medicine that Juliet was already taking to help control her blood levels… medicine that she would not have received without YOUR support!

Although Juliet wasn’t able to make it to the SMI birthing center in time, she was able to have a safe delivery, protected by the medicine that she received. The team loved reuniting with her during this medical outreach. She received additional medicine and her baby received a checkup as well!


Can you imagine fearing for your child’s life every day because malaria is so common and difficult to prevent?! This is Jessica’s reality, one of the mothers that attended the medical outreach in Lukyakya. It’s the reality of so many in Uganda!

During these medical outreaches in the villages, the team will often teach on important topics while patients are waiting to be seen. In the village of Lukyakya, the team spent time sharing about the symptoms of malaria vs. other diseases. They emphasized how important it is to have proper screening or diagnosis before getting treatment.

The team shared LIFE SAVING tips on how to properly monitor symptoms and how to decide when treatment is needed. These practical tips will prevent severe illness by catching malaria early enough to treat it!

After attending this outreach, Jessica and other mothers like her went home with awareness on how to monitor malaria symptoms. Jessica left with HOPE and CONFIDENCE that she can care for her children’s health with the support of Show Mercy!


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