Pregnant mother walks 2 hours to birthing center

Did you read the story in the 2021 Fall Newsletter about the 8 month pregnant woman who walked 2 hours to our birthing center for our outreach that day? (If you missed it, we've posted it in the lower section of this email.)

Florence is the name of that amazing mom. Because many of you have pledged monthly

giving to the Birthing Center program, we were able to cover the cost for Florence's birth.

Florence was worried about giving birth because her previous experience was horrible. It was her first child, she was all alone and the labor pains came on suddenly. She hadn’t any checkups or guidance, so she didn’t know what to expect. She ended up delivering her child on the floor of her mud house. A neighbor heard her shouting for help and came to her rescue.

When we told Florence that generous sponsors at SMI were providing for her delivery expenses for her second child, she was in awe.

Florence gave birth on September 16th to a beautiful baby girl whom she named Tendo (meaning Praise.) She was astounded by the supportive environment and the car