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Virtual Baby Shower for the Show Mercy Birthing Center!

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

You are invited to an online baby shower!

With the construction of the birthing center almost done, we are starting to furnish the inside, and we are hosting a Virtual Baby Shower!

Unless you have visited a developing country, you don't realize the conditions and lack of options these mamas have for delivering their babies.

One of our founders, Lori and her daughter Sarah, are in Uganda this week. In the Show Mercy clinic they met a mama who brought in her twin babies. This mama did not know she was having twins, and her babies were born prematurely in her home. Both girls weigh less than 2 pounds each!

Lori & Sarah holding the twin baby girls.

Mamas and their babies like these need your help! Will you help us spread the word, and furnish the birthing center? 

Your gifts are going to enable mamas to have clean, quality, and loving experiences while delivering their babies. Every gift will impact hundreds of new little lives!


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